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System Help versus Custom TKB Help in Community

Two parter question here:

1) Is there a way to identify how many people actually navigate to the system help available with My Settings? Can I do this by role?

2) Best practices around using system help or creating content specific in your community under a Community 101 or Getting Started area where you can incorporate screen shots. We have customized some verbiage in our system help.


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by role, I doubt it, I think the only way to maybe track that usage would be with google analytics, do you use that? 

With regards to help, the out the box help is just that help for the out the box community and the moment you customize your site the quicker that out the box help becomes useless. Unless you update it also but what’s the  point, it’s kinda pointless, not accessible from search, hard to find and info overload.

I’ve seen people use a TKB section for community help, on the other hand I have an intro and announcements forum board and in here I have content for the main stuff but it’s a handful of topics I have which are singposted from the welcome email  

As a general rule though, if you need to create a help guide to tell someone how to use your site then your site design has failed, if it’s intuitive, simple and engaging your users won’t need a help guide and I’m sure it already is and you’ll no doubt find nobody looks at them out the box help pages 


good luck 



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We're about to release our Khoros community in a couple of weeks and I have a similar question...

Do you know if there are some way to change the URL for "Help" under "My settings" or remove the link?

Would rather have customers linked to a KTB "About Community".

Some of the topics needs a more personal touch - for example "Introduce yourself", and it feels weird to have two different places for "About the community".

@AnnaSvensson  Interesting.  We went the other way.  We had a TKB with our About Community, then I added all that content to the HELP section and it works much better.  Our super users and customers like it better.   It's easy to edit the HELP section and make it what you want.   The reason we went away from TKB is because I couldn't order the TKB to be how I want it displayed.  The most recent edited article was on top.  Also, I like the way the HELP section has expandable sub sections, which a TKB won't do. 

Community manager in the Micro Focus Community. My computer always used to beat me at chess, but it is no match for me now I changed the competition to kick boxing.

@kgroneman great feedback, thanks! I agree that the order of the FAQ is better than TKB.

I had  a peek at your community and found this page: is this a compliment to the FAQ?

Do you have an Introduce yourself-topic?


@AnnaSvensson That TKB page used to be our main FAQ page, but then I incorporated it into the HELP pages with links etc.   If you look at the TKB it's really unorganized (and no real way to organize it).   Integrating it with the HELP area did work much better for us.   We don't have an introduce yourself topic.  Our community is more or less a technical support community for enterprise customers so, in our case, it would be superfluous.  Our users don't like "fluff", which they continue to tell us. 🙂

Community manager in the Micro Focus Community. My computer always used to beat me at chess, but it is no match for me now I changed the competition to kick boxing.

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