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TKB Helpfulness Rating // turn off feedback?

We are looking to turn on the Helpfulness rating in our TKB, but we do not want to ask users for feedback if they deem an article unhelpful. Is there any way to turn this off?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Nava,

there is no simple switch "Do no ask feedback for negative helpfulness ratings" in the Lithium community admin, I'm afraid. This would most likely require a customization.

May I ask how you would want to action negative feedback on TKB articles without any qualitative insight into the problems of the article?

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@Nava_Schneider As "helpfulness" is kind of a two-sided feedback mechanism at its core (resulting in a helpfulness-value/percentage if you like) I think you should consider simply renaming the "Kudos" feature to "Helpful" for the TKB context (can be done via string scoping) if you want to avoid negative feedback.

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