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TKB Workflow Buttons

Hi all,

I am just working to implement TKB in our community. This is new for me, but I am rather confused by the workflow buttons that our authors are seeing. All of the buttons seem to behave the same so I am not sure what I am missing. 

They all send the article to the drafts tab, visible by the publisher, and appear to be ready for publishing.

  • Save & Request Publication What is the difference between Request Review?
  • Request ReviewWhat is the difference between Save & Request Publication?
  • Save—I would assume a TKB author could just click Save and it would save the article in their own drafts. However, as a publisher, I am also seeing all of these drafts in the drafts tab. How do I know as a publisher when an article is actually ready for publication vs. the author just Saved to edit later? 

I appreciate any insight here!



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Hi @jmuzzana: Can you check this Article.

Save: The article will be in the Draft version and you can able to find in the Knowledgebase Dashboard tab.

Request review: Save the current revision and alerts the community the article is ready for review.

Save and Request Publication: Few users mayn't have the ability to publish the article. So it will send a message to community members that an article is ready for publishing. So they will review it and make a call to publish or Deny the article.


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Abhishek Illindra


Thanks! The issue I am seeing is that authors click "Save" to be able to finish or edit their draft later. However, as a Publisher, I see all drafts from all authors, even when they have not sent them to be reviewed or published yet. 

I am finding this very confusing. As a publisher, how can you easily tell if a draft is requested for review or publication vs. an author is just still working on the draft?

I would expect:

  • "Save" to only save the draft article in that specific author's Drafts tab, not in the Publisher's Draft tab yet
  • Once the author clicks "Request Review" or  "Save and Request Publication", the draft would display in the Publisher's draft tab

Is that not correct?

Hi @jmuzzana: As a Publisher role you can able to see all the drafts of the user by default.


If my post is helpful and answers your question, please give "Kudos" and "Accept it as a Solution."

Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra

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