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Table Text alignment issue

Hi all!

I can't seem to make a table look neat - I'll use a image to show what I mean: 



As you can see the linked articles are all at different heights within the table and I just can't seem to fix that! I've tried aligning the text every which way, changing row height, and removing formatting withing the cells but nothing seems to fix it.

Any tips to fix this much appreciated!

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Content Coordinator

Whenever I build tables on a post, I have more success putting it together on excel or google sheets and then copy pasting it in. The table spacing sometimes does get wonky. 

The workflow using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets in my experience has varying results. It depends on how consequently you are when selecting paragraphs, words and table cells (and a combination of them) when applying font and table formatting. and most of the time only the export into another tool exposes the problematic HTML code that is (almost) invisibly inserted there.

In Michael's example, the problem was exactly that: A combination of table cell level height parameters, HTML <p> paragraph elements with &nbsp; non-breaking spaces in and outside of them in combination with <strong> HTML tags for bold text spotted here and there. I used the Khoros message editor's "HTML" source code view to manually clean that up. That won't scale for bigger articles unfortunately where you would need more elaborate search and replace sessions individually reviewing each occurrence 😑

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Thanks for the tip - I'll try that!

Since it hasn't been shared my go to for tables in the community is using

I'll generate the HTML then pop it into Atom where I fill it out as needed. 

Whenever I work with tables I use the paste as plain text shortcut a lot so its a handy keyboard shortcut to be familiar with, I'll avoid images at all costs as well.

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