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Tables and Headings in TKB cause top of article to be cut off / hidden

We have run into an issue several times where we are either posting a new TKB article or editing an existing article, and if we use any tables or headings, when we save the article a top chunk of the article is hidden / cut off.


Here is a screenshot of the top of the article when in edit mode:



Here is the top of the article after saving it:



Here is the top of the article when I go back in to try to edit it again:



As you can see in this final screenshot there is text above the editing window, but the scroll bar is all the way at the top. If I actually click into the editing window, the article goes back to what it looks like in the first screenshot above. However, when I save it again, the top is still cut off. I've tried adding line breaks, and that doesn't help either.


What I ended up doing as a workaround is to take a screenshot in editing mode, save it as an image, and then upload the screenshot into the editing window. This is NOT a workable long-term option because the text in an image is not searchable in the Community.


Also, I even had to save, edit, save to get the top of the uploaded screenshot to display. I had the cursor set and the heading set to "paragraph," and saved it, but the top of the image was cut off. When I went in to edit it, somehow there appeared a line break that was set to "Heading 1." When I reset the heading to "paragraph" and re-saved, then the image displayed properly.


Has any other customer out there experienced this? Have you found a way to fix it? @KhorosSFDC - Can you please help with this?


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Looks like you may have found a bug with the TKB editor, do you have the same problem in different browsers?


If you have access to the Case Portal in Knowledge & Support I'd recommend submitting a ticket there for the team to look into it further, reference this topic in the support ticket.


Guide to reporting issues


Let us know how you get on


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I've tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and IE. Same behavior in all.


I've asked my manager to submit a ticket to Support since I do not have access to the portal.



I just want to add here that Support was able to provide us with a solution to this problem. Below is the response:


I have looked into the issue and it seems you have set some negative percentage margin for header tag and following CSS is the root cause of the issue

.MinimumWidthContainer .min-width-wrapper .min-width .lia-content .lia-quilt .lia-quilt-row .lia-quilt-column .lia-quilt-column-alley .lia-quilt-column-alley-single h1 { 
margin: -20% 0 0 0 !important; 

The margin should set to 0 or positive value, which is the best practice while implementing CSS and below is the CSS which can fix the issue

.MinimumWidthContainer .min-width-wrapper .min-width .lia-content .lia-quilt .lia-quilt-row .lia-quilt-column .lia-quilt-column-alley .lia-quilt-column-alley-single h1 { 
margin: 0 0 0 0 !important; 


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