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Tags and pagination

When scrolling through posts of a similar tag, it seems like the only option is to view the tag cloud grouping page.

If you click on a topic to read, and then click "Next Topic" it drops you to the next forum post (chronologically), not the next forum post with the selected tag. This means that if you wanted to continue to view other posts with the selected tag, you would have to go back to the tag cloud grouping page and then select another topic to view. 

Is this the designed behavior? Are there workarounds to improve the expected behavior when clicking on "Next Topic"? I tested this in Atlas as well, so this is probably an out of the box functionality. 


Steps to reproduce this behavior: 

  1. Visit any tag board.
  2. Click on a topic.
  3. Click on "Next Topic" below the post.
  4. The pagination will take you to the next topic, but not necessarily the next topic with the same tag.


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