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The discrepancy between total page views and geo overview page views

Hi everyone,

I found a super-old forum thread about this issue and it looks like nothing has changed since 2016....

The problem is that we see a different number of total page views in the Traffic section of the Community Analytics and we see different numbers when we go to Geo overview. In the Geo overview, the number of page views is much lower.

Does anyone know, why?



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Khoros Oracle

My apologies for the dumb question, but where is the 'geo overview' page?  When you tell me, I will probably smack my forehead (in the 'I could have had a V8' style) because it is so obvious.

Anyway, once I know what page you are referring to, I may be able to help.


Unlike Jake, I remembered that Geo is in the labs section which are listed as ongoing experiments. (Smack your head now Jake) 😁

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 10.25.48 AM.png

The experimental nature of the report could be the cause but I'll point out one additional detail. When looking at GEO, it does not show a global total for page views but rather a range of lowest to highest region. In this example the range is 1 to 175,739 views for the selected time period. I've hovered over the US region to show that is our highest viewing segment and matched the top end of the range. 

Screenshot 2023-03-16 at 10.26.25 AM.png

If you are speaking about something else, can you provide more details?


Khoros Oracle

Admiral Cy to the rescue!  Thank you for the reminder, sir.  Yup.  Spot-on with that one (probably should even be an 'Accepted Solution').

The 'Labs' part of Community Analytics was certainly a noble idea a while back (because lots of technical / scientific minded people dream of having a working laboratory to test stuff!), but it was shoe-horned into our Community platform by some elders and then evolved into becoming forgotten about.  Worse, it was never pulled out of the platform once nothing was happening.  And therein lies one of the great lessons in Product Development (as well as in Community Management....and perhaps in everyday life as well): 

If something is dead;  burn it or bury it.  Dont let it sit around to stink up the place.  

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