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Time spent for non-members?

We're attempting to guage how much time is being spent on our community by people who are not members.


We can see the member time online in LSI and we of course have our GA stats, but we're looking to specifically measure people who are not registered members/logged in. I've had a look through Community Metrics and LSI, but I'm either blind or not able to find it. Can anyone assist?


I did try advanced metrics and the minutes online option but it shows zero data.


Cheers! 🙂




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@KateF : As of now there is no way to do analysis on Not Registered users in LSI  as well as advance metric.



Raghavendra MN.

@KateF - I don't see any way in the community to pull this data via LSI or admin metrics. See this for reference.

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Thank you so much @RaghavendraMN and @VarunGrazitti, good to know I wasn't going crazy then Smiley Wink





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@VarunGrazitti @KateF Was wondering if you, or anyone else here, has found a solution within LSI since this thread?   I too am looking to find time spent in the community for all visitors, not just for members. 

I stumbled upon a spot underneath the referrers traffic page in LSI that says "All User Time" but it does not sound like that would account for all visitors entirely.

Wondering if this has been implemented in LSI yet, or if there is a recommended method to collect this information?

Hi @Ringchamp,

I tend to rely heavily on Google Analytics to account for all visitors. Things like users, pageviews, sessions, along with the averages for such and session duration help form a more complete picture when used in conjunction with LSI/metrics via Community Admin.

Nothing has been implemented into LSI that I am aware of, so I'd suggest looking at Google Analytics if you aren't already doing so.


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