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To create a reply-only category or board:

I'm having a hard time creating a reply-only board. I have 2 boards under my one category. 1 board, I want to be able to give our customers the ability to post and reply. However, on the other board, I only want to give them the ability to reply to topics we have posted. I have followed these settings: https😕/ . but for whatever reason can't quite get it to work. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks! 

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@Finney0225 - I have tried the above-mentioned permission settings, and it is working as expected. Make sure, you have see categories, submit posts options are set to grant and start a topic, set to deny for that particular board. 

Also, users who have administrator role will be able to see "Start a Topic" CTA, but if you try to login with the non-admin user, then the permissions will work.


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