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Tooltips: how to find out where you can add across the Community

Hi there, 

I am looking to enable tooltips in various locations around our Community.

Other than going into studio and searching 'tooltip' text keys, is there are way to identify all the different places where a tooltip can go? Getting one picture of everything would be good, and to know what out of the box or not. 


Thanks for any help! 


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If you search in your community studio text editor

" /t5/bizapps/bizappspage/tab/community%3Astudio%3Atext-editor%3Acommunity?lang=en&searchString=.tooltip "

You will find there are more than hundred of text-keys related to tool-tip and this will be all over the different places in community. You can show text-keys from advanced tab " /t5/bizapps/page/tab/community%3Astudio%3Atext-editor%3Aadvanced " to see all of them in the pages.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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