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Topics created by a specific role

I feel like I'm missing something but is there a way we can report on topics created by specific role? For example if I wanted to see any topics our staff created only which 90% of time are 'proactive' how can I do this? 

Advanced Search indicates I can search by Rank but I think its phrased in a way you can find a user with a specific rank, not see content from every user with that rank? 

Community Analytics > Conversations doesn't allow me to scope results to topics they created so I see topics and replies which means manual work is required to remove topics they did not create. 

Is LIQL an option perhaps? If so can someone point me in the right direction?

The documentation for it is great but I can't see to find my starting point 😞 

The only topic I could find related to this was from 2016 which suggested searching one user at a time but with 1600 staff this isn't possible.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I feel like @AndyK probably knows the answer to this. 


Hey There,


To filter this I would go to social analytics > go to content in the left hand side > click the pencil icon > filter by "role equals" > and then choose the indicated role.


I've definitely been able to get this stat before by using that tactic. You can create any cohort of users you'd like to track by assigning them a role 🙂 


Hope this helps!




PS: You might also be able to advanced export a csv of advanced search results and then use excel to filter out the posts that don't include a certain role... it sounds like that won't work for you though.

Thanks @aarontw!  I think your suggestion requires Khoros Care which we aren't using at the moment but it's great to hear it offers this. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey @tyw 


I have not found a method that will only show topics but you can use a URL similar to the one below to show all posts by a specific role. Note that role name is case sensitive. (this specific link will not work for most users as you do need access to the permissions to be able to filter by role)


Can find more links and information and around filtering via URL in Khoros Platform URLs 


Hope that helped.

Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

Argh! I meant to write community analytics, not social. This should be available on Community!

@AndyK - that message tracker page is neat! Is it linked to from anywhere in the community or admin console? What other filters are available?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hey @CarolineS 


I think I got that one from a profile page component that we are not currently using on Atlas. A few years ago I put together a list of various URLs that I had found and put them together in the post I linked above, you may find some other useful filters in that 🙂




Andy K
Sr. Community Manager, Atlas Community

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