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Total page information

Is it me or am I not seeing the number of total pages on pages like search results

I can see 1,2,3,4 pages but everytime I click on the latest number or next it goes up one number and I have no idea how many pages there are in total.


Another question. How do moderators know the amount of posts there are with the moderator flag still on? 😃

From a board recent discussion page I do see the total page numbers but some posts will have the moderation flag cleared and some don't. How do moderators know the total amounts of posts that have moderator flag on still?

A virtual hug or flower for anyone who knows the answer or has a great tip




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Hi Wendy,
for me, it looks like search does limit its efforts to preserve calculating power. It says, you get 1.000 results. So, with 10 results on each page, you can go to page 100 - just manipulate the URL. Then you can still continue to page 101, but then you see this:



At Telekom hilft Community, I see the same behavior. Doing a broad search and then trying to access page 101 of search results, gives me the same notification as in the screenshot above. Same thing with pagination: just the next page clickable. So, just a confirmation. Seems to be a recent change, doesn't it?

[Edit: c/p'd image here, first try was responding via email]


The image is not coming through for me Juergen! By the way, congrats on getting a new member (Nils) on board soon.


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Hi @Wendy_S,


Check out this document, it should be helpful:


Then try using the following link: id FROM messages WHERE moderation_status = 'unmoderated'



If you take out the part and replace it with your own, then you should be able to view it on your community.


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Hi Wendy_S,


Did my suggestion work for you?


If so, please mark it as an accepted solution.




Unfortunately, I am not aware of a counter for the Requires Moderation flags in Khoros community or Moderation Manager. Community analytics and Admin Metrics can tell you how many flags moderators clear but not how many are remaining. 

If you only apply the flag to new posts, moderators can simple work through the pages of content until they see no further flags. If you also have the flags applied to posts as a result of an edit, they will need to go back further. How far back depends on the time frame you allow members to edit their posts for. 

@TedV I am trying this url

But then I see this. Is that what I should expect?

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@CyJervis I just find that a bit of a unefficient process.  Just wade through the pages until there are no more flags to clear.

If I do a search extract all topics have the flag moderated false or true so I guess I just don't understand why there is no easier way to do moderation natively.

It feels like it hasn't evolved over the past years.....

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Hi @Wendy_S 


I totally agree that there should be an easier way to sift through everything that has been unmoderated, but unfortunately there isn't a cleaner way to do this.


@TedV has provided the easiest way that I can think of which is using the API to grab the results and then you can click on the messages by adding view_href to the SELECT query. 


You might find this more beneficial:,view_href,subject,author.login%20FROM%20mess...


To make this cleaner rather than having the encoded characters there the query is:


SELECT id,view_href,subject,author.login, FROM messages WHERE moderation_status = 'unmoderated'



As you can see the modified query is looking for:

- ID of the message.

- View_href which translates to the URL of the message.

- Subject of the message.

- Author.login which translates as the username.

- which is the board where it's located.


I hope this is useful for yourself and trying to find out what hasn't been moderated in your community.


Also in regards to your comment about the view. That is correct, the results output in JSON format.

If your browser displays the JSON in raw format which yours did you can download an extension such as for chrome or for firefox.

Do let me know if you need assistance with the JSON output and I'll be happy to help!

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Thank you @StevenT and everyone for your help and inputs. I mean, I could not ask for a better explanation of what is and what isn't possible.
I think the bottom line here is that the moderation tools could do with an overhaul. I personally have seen little to, dare I say no development at all in the 10 years that I have managed Lithium Communities. Not all customers can affort or want to use additional or external tools to moderate their community and triage models and moderation as a service are becoming more popular. I believe the current tools are based on the concept of smaller communities with perhaps one or two moderators...that's a little old-skool especially in the "gig-economy" and where you potentially want superuser to help moderate community content.

Thanks again !


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