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Track unanswered posts using LSI

Is there a way to pull a report showing unanswered posts during a given period of time in Lithium Social Intelligence (LSI)?


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Just to clarify @rwinkler. Do you want to know the number of unanswered posts, or want a list of unanswered posts?


For the latter, you can do this:


  1. Go to the Search page. 
  2. Click Advanced Search...
  3. Select the option for Topics with no replies.
  4. Click Search.

You can also build a custom page that only shows unanswered posts. Many communities do this, particularly for their super users and support teams. 




Thanks for your reply, Jason. I actually was wondering if I can pull a report to know the number of posts that have been unanswered in a given period of time.




If you are interested in API, you can get the count of unanswered threads using below API

i.e. for past one month

select count(*) from messages where conversation.solved=false and depth=0 and post_time >= 2017-10-01T02:23:59.572-07:00 and post_time <= 2017-10-31T02:23:59.572-07:00
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Hi @rwinkler,


In LSI, select the date range, goto Content tab and select the category and then the board within it, for which you would like to see this data. After selecting the board, you will see all the conversations within that board listed in a tabular view (below 'Page Views' graph) with 'Replies' as one of the columns. You could export this to a csv and filter out conversations where replies = 0.

That should give you the report you need. 




Good one.


Just something to check @rwinkler

It's my understanding that the reporting period defines the activities tied to the conversation.

i.e if I run a report as mentioned above for the time period of October I will see conversations with 0 replies.
If I check those conversations, there are definitely replies there but none of them were posted in the reporting period I defined.




You might want to check your report against conversations on the community and test around a bit.

 Oh perhaps this thread is interesting to read as well.




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