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Tracking Point Progression in Ranking Formulas

Hello there,

Our community uses a points-based ranking structure where specific community activities (i.e. posting a discussion) are awarded points, and users need to hit a threshold of points in order to progress a level (i.e. 2400 points = Level 5).

I was wondering if there was any reporting available to track average or individual users' point/level progression over time. I wasn't able to find any metrics for this in Community Analytics or Admin Console Community Metrics.

Is tracking point progression possible out of box, and if not, how do I build custom reporting to track this at scale? Thank you!

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Hey @jonchen , I misunderstand - Are you currently using Khoros's actual 'bonus points' system, or is that the question in and of itself?

There is a very rudimentary system of 'points' that exists within Khoros ->

While there is the mechanism to track points, there is no actual way to do anything beyond that - You would have to develop a solution to assign points based on the actions you decide, and then build components to display them (ie: leaderboards) - Here's some more info:

I'm in the middle of scoping out some work specific to bonus points/gamification myself.

Hi Stan, 

We are not using the bonus points system currently, my question is more about the points associated with the current ranking formulas we have put in place. Here's an example of a shortened ranking formula we have for one of our levels:

((((net_threads*100) + (net_replies*50) + (net_blog_articles*30) + ... >= 500))

Based on your response, my assumption is that we would need to build a seperate component to display this? And that there's no way to track this using Khoros' current reporting tools. Thank you!

@jonchen Correct, I don't believe there is any out of box methods to display something like that.  Would require levering the API to build something to expose the results on something like a leaderboard.

Tracking it would only be possible outside of Khoros manually as well - Nothing in reporting could provide the results as the formula is doing the calculations - You could pull the data out of Khoros and then manually calculate it in Excel or something like that (I've seen a few Communities doing some manual things like this to track/gamify).

I see. Unfortunate that there's no out of box reporting for this. Regardless, thanks so much for the insight Stan!

@StanGromer - Reviving an old thread, but.... did you ever end up building a bonus points system? Curious to learn more if you did (and why you didn't, if you didn't!).


Following. We are interested also some kind of points system.


My Ideas, please vote:

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Renew the quote feature

@CarolineS Nope, never ended up using what they have in the platform or doing points per se, but we are leveraging data from Khoros to do some similar stuff I suppose, and sometimes that gets pushed back into Khoros via custom attributes. A few of our programs assign point values to various actions taken in Community to calculate scores/ranks, and usually that gets translated into ranks/roles/badges.  Some of it is is more behind the scenes math (our power user program) vs. our Master Anaplanner program where they require members in the program to do X amount of tasks in Community per year - IIRC it's point based so folks can mix things up a bit in what they do, as long as they hit their total points needed by year end.

The latter is something I hope we'll get automated/exposed in Community for users to better track long-term/see their status real-time, but it's also a mix of tons of actions outside of Community as well, so the goal is to be able to give them a single dashboard to see all their progress at once.  Hopefully by end of this year 🤞

Thank you so much for the update, @StanGromer! Do keep us posted on your progress!  

Appreciate the update @StanGromer. I think a points system lends itself particularly well to a ranking system where user's move up and down a few ranks based on their recent activity/engagement. Would love to explore something like this instead of ranks that just get higher and higher (and lapsed members retaining high ranks) but it seems hard work given the platform doesn't offer anything like it.




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