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Translation service integration

I was wondering if anyone has been able to integrate the Community platform with a translation service for platform translation (not content)?

I know we can integrate Google Translate, or iTalent for translation of user generated content but I am looking for ways to manage the translations provided by Khoros in the language packs. 

The language packs are great but making changes is 100% manual so I was curious if anyone who manages a multi languages communities has successfully automated any translation work?

Things we want to do include reviewing all of the translations, adjusting some as needed to align with our brand, and if we need to make changes the down the road finding a way to automate the process. 

I strongly suspect this isn't possible, and the only option is manual review, and editing as needed via Studio? 

TLDR: Is there was a way to integrate a service such as Smartling to manage translations, and update as needed in Khoros? 

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That would be awesome if it could be automated. I am looking as well at seeing how we could launch Spanish and use the Google Translate or iTalent however it seems that iTalent hasn't updated their page (still mentioning Lithium) in a while and even when I used it here on the community it only translated some posts to Spanish.

Hello TYW,

We (iTalent) has developed the Khoros Language Translation Connector (Translation of User Generated Content) that compliments the Khoros Language Packs (Translation of Application Elements). Would like to understand in more detail your requirements and evaluate if the connector could be extended to support your use case.

The connector is able to be configured to trigger the language packs. Let me know and we can connect to discuss and review your use case in details.

Best regards,


308-393-1073 (c)

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