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Trouble with Avatar picture


We are in the pilot stage of our community. One of our users is trying to upload a vertically-oriented headshot. The system loads the picture but rotates it so it is horizontal. She has to use a horizontally-oriented picture in the system. Any insights?

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This is a screenshot from the issue our customer is having.

avatar issue screen cap.PNG

Hi @CharlotteAdams,


Check this article -


Could be because of the setting to turn on/off EXIF rotation. The setting can be found here: Admin -> Features -> Images

@srujanayeruvaka I made this change, and I contacted the user with the issue. Fingers crossed that it will solve her problem. I'll post when I know the outcome.

Eagerly waiting... Hope it solves her problem! ☺️


@srujanayeruvaka This solution did help, but I also discovered the user had missed another step as well. Thank you for your help!

Hey @CharlotteAdams,


Good to know! Happy to help always! 🙂





I usually just cut the vertical picture into a square and adapt it to the size, way easier than trying to fit a vertical pic into a circle.


Sandra G. - Mijazztel

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