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Twitter Launches Customer Support Prompt via DMs, Customer Feedback Tools

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @PhilB! We're excited to let you know that both features will be available to you as soon as they're rolled out on Twitter!


If you want the DM deep link functionality, just let @LeslieJ know. It's available now. 


If you want the NPS or CSAT feature, please contact @ChazR or @JohnBr with the following information: customer name, contact person, email address and twitter handles.  You will then receive a EchoSign doc from Twitter to sign. 


Once the feature has been activated on your Twitter handle(s), you will be able to send a survey request via DM by choosing a specific close disposition. The survey data will then be available via analytics export. 


The survey functionality has not yet been released so you have a bit of time to get the ball rolling.


Let me know if you have more questions!

Cool, thanks @HeatherS.  Will follow up accordingly. 



Great news. I recall speaking to them about this at linc last year but didn't realise it would hit so soon!!!


Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy

Hi there, please can I check if this is only available via DM?

Hi @helen_needham


I don't quite understand what exactly you are looking for.


Both features (DM deep links in tweets and Customer Feedback) are only available through DM itself.


Please see Twitter's blog post about these features.


HTH, Daniel

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@helen_needham Both DM deep link and Customer Feedback (NPS/CSAT) surveys are available via Lithium Response. As @schwarzd noted, these features are specifically related to DM -- Customer Feedback surveys are always sent via DMs, while the DM deep link is a specialized link that is included in a public Tweet to make it easier for the user to transition into sending a DM to the brand as a one-click action.

We have documentation on both DM deep links as well as Customer Feedback implementation in Response.

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