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Two groups in one category with exclusive membership


I have created two groups in one category. I want to create a member-role for each group that give access to Group A but not to the Group B. How can I do it?


I've cloned twice default GroupMember roles, give them unique names (GroupAMember and GroupBMember) and made them default for each group. User with role GroupAMember is listed as a group member but can't read and submit post to the group. I don't want to add Group A members and Group B members to community-wide GroupMember role, because it'll give access both group members to each group.

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Even when GroupAMember and GroupBMember are cloned from community-wide GroupMember?



Have to updated the permission from Admin - users - permissions ?


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Khoros Expert

Hi @Kamil


Let me know if I'm understanding this correctly, you have two different groups and want to make sure if you grant the GroupMember role to one of these groups, it does not give them permissions for the second group, correct?


Groups function slightly differently from boards in this sense, you can permission them like you would a board, but they have their own independent set of permissions to play with within the Group portion of the Admin panel.


If I'm understanding your case correctly, go to the Group Admin panel:

  • Navigate to the group, select options, and click Group Admin; or navigate to the group via the "choose" button at the top of the community admin landing page.
  • Make sure the top of the admin panel indicates you are in the specific group you want to remain exclusive.
  • Any users you add via the Members tab there will be exclusive to that group and hold GroupMember permissions in that group only.

You should not need to clone or add any new roles at the global level.


If you need change the permissions for these GroupMembers:

  • Go to the  "Group Roles" tab in the same area.
  • You'll see an edit button for GroupMember, click that.
  • Edit the permissions as you see fit. These changes will only affect the members for the group you're in.

These permission changes will not affect the GroupMember role across multiple groups.


If that's not the case or you have any questions, please let me know!



Ken Squires-Kavanagh
Services Architect
Portland, Oregon

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