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URL/Link Validation

Is Khoros using any kind of link input validation to ensure that links customers post are safe?


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Don’t think so but interested in the answer. I use to use a product called “browser protect” by fsecure on my community. 

was great it checked all UGC links and put a tick next to them to confirm the link wasn’t a known dodgy link and if known dodgy it was hidden. 

sadly it was discontinued. 


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You can use content filters for this, content filters helps to prevent objectionable content from appearing in posts, replies, tags or profile signatures throughout your community.

Content filters can only be created at the community level, for more information you can visit these urls below.

This article has list of regular expression which can be used for filters out the links or content posted by the community users.



Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thank you for brainstorming an answer, but content filters for "bad words" in posts is different from ensuring that links are safe. 👍 Ensuring that links are safe would require would require 3rd party technology like

I found this in the Khoros/Lithium documentation which helps, but isn't exactly what I was looking for either.: 

When enabled, URLs pasted into a post using the Rich Text Editor are displayed as a preview of the content from the referenced URL within the community post. For example, users can embed videos, images, tweets, rich media, RSS entries, and article previews. This enables members to see a preview of the referenced URL before clicking the link. Members see the embedded media in both the Rich Text Editor and on the community page after the post is submitted. Previews are created only if the URL is from a supported provider. You can find a list of supported providers at


Really interesting topic. I don't have any good solution to add, except to say that this is very much a live issue for us. We are concerned about community members posting objectionable or dangerous links in our community - it is not a good look for the community and its associated brand when people use it to post bad stuff.

We've been looking for a way to prohibit people of low rank from posting hyperlinks (or using them in signatures) all together, and/or scan links to ensure they are safe (such as what Safe Links in Microsoft Defender does with emails). Unfortunately we've found no solutions that work with Khoros Communities yet, but are still hopeful we'll find something!


@dave-coleman PrepaidCardStatus wrote:

Is Khoros using any kind of link input validation to ensure that links customers post are safe?


I have exactly the same problem. Anyone got a suggestion? This is quiet a common issue.

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