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URL Suffixes

Hi all,


Trying to find if there's a list of all of the suffixes that can be added to a URL. 


Currently one of our custom components is a carousel on the homepage of our community that we use to surface some of the more important content within our Blog. The URL is hardcoded into this and as such I'd like to code a URL that will take someone to the latest comment posted on the blog. I've seen in the forum that sometimes a url will end in something along the lines of /firstunreadmessage so I'm hoping there's something similar for the blog and other areas. 


This is just one example but if there's a full list that covers every aspect of the community that'd be great.





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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Matt -  you can find a lot of useful information on community URLs on this post.

Ian McCollum
Senior Project Manager

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