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URL scheme for RSS feeds

I'm looking for a comprehensive reference for getting RSS feeds from different boards, filtered by different message types.  My immediate want is to build RSS feeds for "featured" topics at any level (any topic that has had the "Feature this topic" action selected).


I have found some examples of Category and Interaction Style filtering here, but it seems like there might be more URL parameters available to request different RSS feeds.  Does this reference exist?




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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @cjdinger,

We support the,, and feeds.replies parameters. We don't have a way to build an RSS feed for featured topics. That seems like an excellent candidate for our Product Ideas board. You've found documentation for and The feeds.replies parameter is a simple boolean indicating whether or not to include replies in the feed. I don't see that in our current documentation. I agree that we need an article dedicated to the parameters supported. I'll make that happen.

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Thank you for the quick post-holiday reply!

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