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Unable to see " Sort by Topics" option in the Topic options Dropdown


We are unable to see "Sort by Topics" option in the dropdown widget in the forum topic page and our community is running on responsive. Is there any admin settings need to enable at a community level or user Level.

We are unable to see reply count of the user in the Forum Page.



Abhishek Illindra

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Khoros Oracle

Do you mean the option of 'Sort by Topic Start Date' in the dropdown from the board level?  That is a natural option that should be readily available to see.  Perhaps there is some CSS that is covering it up in the menu.

In regards to the 'reply count of the user in the forum page', I am not precisely clear on what that means, but if you are saying what I think you are saying, you should make sure that the following is enabled:

Community Admin > Discussion Styles > Posts & Topics > Topics Display > [Check the box that says 'Display number of Replies in a Topic'



Thanks @JakeR : We are able to see the sort by topics options for all the users only for few users we are facing this issue. Is any user personal setting permission need to be verify?


Thanks in Advance,

Abhishek Illindra

Hmmmm....this is a strange one.  *scratches head*

One thing I would check is if these few users who share the same problem in common all happen to have the same Role.  I'm not sure what that would have to do with it, but my instinct is to find out what they all might share in common.  

The next thing I might check (and this is a longshot!) into would be if they made any alterations to their personal settings in the following fields:

My Settings > Preferences > General (in the dropdown) > Sort Topics By....

The normal / default setting is 'Use Default (Time of most recent post)', but maybe once they fiddled with that setting, some option disappears from the Board Options menu.  But again, I am just shooting in the dark on this one.

The main thing I would look at would be if these same users that are complaining about the problem all seem to have a similar Role in the back-end.

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