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Understanding the numbers of the Integrated Profile

Hey there community!


Is there any info on what the numbers mean for the community score or klout? 


Having numbers in the first place is great, but I'm having trouble figuring out where I stand in the community. Anyone have ideas or documentation?



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Great question, I couldn't find any info on the community klout score either, other than the tooltip in LSI:  "Ranks your top influencers, based on the influence of their community contributions as measured by the Klout algorithm over the last 90 days. Klout Community Scores are derived from a combination of attributes, including the ratio of reactions members generate compared to the amount of content members share. More influential members have higher Klout Community Scores."

Julie Hamel
Senior Director, Community @ DataRobot
Also previously known as JulieH

@JohnD - Since you shared about the Integrated Profile on the KB, do you have an answer about the number standings?



@daphtan - You can read more about the Community Klout score here. There isn't an intrinsic way from the number icon to see your "ranking" so to speak, but you can use the Klout Insights report to get a list of users listed by Community Klout score, which does give you an idea where you stand. Hope this helps.

@JohnD - that was helpful. The community I manage won't be able to use it b/c of the facebook/twitter aspect. Is it possible to isolate Klout and only use the community ranking number?

Also, I was asking the question more so to understand where I stand in the Lithium community. Is there a way to know the greater scope of where everyone stands in the community?


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