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Unexpected error for anonymous users using Options menu

I'm going to report this bug to support, but I thought it worth mentioning here as well to raise the visibility a bit.

Anonymous users encounter an "unexpected error" from the Options menu of a forum by clicking Options > Knowledge Base Article Dashboard.

For example: 

1. Access a forum home page as an anonymous user. For example (this is not the community I work on, just for example's sake):

2. Options menu > Knowledge Base Article Dashboard

!!==> Unexpected error (see screenshot)



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Here's the response from support. Looks like it's just a permissions thing - but WHY are the default permissions set up this way? I certainly didn't make any changes in this area (and it looks like Anaplan is also just using whatever the default permissions were!)

Thank you for reaching the khoros support Team. We have verified the request and we were able to replicate the issue at our end as an anonymous user.
We have further investigated on this issue and noticed that this error is causing due to the permission issue.
To use this option and see all drafts user should have "view all drafts" permission under the TKB section and we recommend this permission only for admin and moderator users.

Hence the anonymous users were getting errors. Please let us know if you need any other details we are happy to help you.
Below document for reference.

Hm, seems like Support's response was incorrect, we have "View all drafts" for TKBs denied by default. We'll see what they say next!

Ok, even though this is clearly a bug, support is insisting it's not. I can duplicate it here on Atlas:

1. As an anonymous user, go to

2. Click Options --> Knowledge Base Article Dashboard

!!==> Unexpected error

EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Should not see the Knowledge Base Article Dashboard link in the options menu as an anonymous user (or as anyone else who doesn't have permission to view the article dashboard)

I'd appreciate notes of agreement here if this seems like a bug to you!

(I know this isn't a huge deal kind of bug, but it's a bug!! 🐜 🐞🦋)

Khoros Expert

@CarolineS - Thanks for flagging this. I'll take a look at the issue and the ticket in question and circle back. In general, an expected behavior shouldn't be an exception error. If it was a permissions issue I would expect to see a permission denied error or better yet the option shouldn't display in the menu. I'll update here once I have more information.

Chad B.
Principal Support Engineer - Community

Thanks Chad! Appreciate it!

Khoros Expert

@CarolineS - Thanks for your patience. I filed a bug for this, it looks like it only occurs in TKB v4. The TKB article dashboard link should only be displaying on Forums if the settings under Community Admin -> TKB -> "Knowledge Base for Forum Topics" are in use. In this case it's throwing an error because there is no TKB defined in those settings, which normally wouldn't cause an issue since that option shouldn't be displayed.

I'll update the ticket now to reflect the above.

Chad B.
Principal Support Engineer - Community

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