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Unique Users (Analytics)

Hi Khoros community, 

When Unique Users visit your blog/post, I was under the impression they were not members of the community.  

Or are they count as actually hits from members who have already signed up? 

Can anyone clarify? 

Thanks 🙂 


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Khoros Staff

Our "Unique Visitors" metric (found in LSI > Traffic tab; and in the Content tab) will count both registered and anonymous (aka non-registered) users. 

Let me know if you were referring to another metric or if that helps clarify!

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

What is the difference between the Unique Visitors numbers found under the Traffic tab vs. under the Content tab? 


@LInsko Unique Visitors in the Traffic tab is counting for ALL unique visitors on all community pages.  In the Content tab, you are looking at unique visitors, page views, etc. from those specific category, board, and thread pages.  So for example, the community landing page metrics for unique visitors and page views are not counted in the Content tab.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

How can we identify WHO are Community's Unique Visitors are? We want to use this to backtrack from our Case Portal submission form in terms of what they are filing a ticket for and who is filing the ticket. Please advise ASAP.

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