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Upcoming Ask Us Anything Event - Virgin Mobile USA

Shameless plug alert! - We are hosting an Ask Us Anything event in the Virgin Mobile USA Community, starring our Member Benefits team!





On December 5th from 2-3pm Central, our Member Benefits team will be answering questions about events, discounts, sweepstakes and more! The MB team always brings the goodies, so we will have some surprises in store too for those who participate.


We will also be doing an FB Live video for the event, and I think there has been some interest here on how to integrate that with Community, so I will be sure to report back here with key learnings.


Let me know if you have any tips/tricks for this kind of thing, and feel free to share the event thread -





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I'd strongly suggest asking for questions in advance, then you can prep answers and guarantee tiptop content - and potentially gauge demand.
Have a dedicated forum moderator on thr thread juat in case things go wrong.
and finally, make sure you're calendar is clear afterwards too: it's exhausting!

Thanks @JamesWoodsSM! Good tips.


dedicated forum moderator


calendar is clear afterwards 


asking for questions in advance ?? - Still mulling this a bit, as we plan to have some exclusive things for participants (in several tiers), wondering if we should limit certain tiers to "live" participants only.





I'd certainly say to any superuser types that you have that they can ask in advance if they cant attend the live session.
Looking forward to the event!

Asking for questions in advance helps to ensure that there is content available to answer. The worst thing to happen would be insufficient activity during the event so it becomes boring.

What about allowing for questions in advance but that live questions would be prioritised. Then you can always post answers back to the pre-asked questions that were not able to be answered during the event.

So that way, live event is as reactive to the participants but those that cannot attend do get the answers they were looking for too. Best of both worlds.

Unfortunately we have to postpone this event. Will update the thread when I have rescheduling info 


Rescheduled to 12/21 2-3pm Central, and we'll open the thread on the Monday previous for those that cant make the live event.


Thanks again for your feedback!




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