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Update Font-Awesome Icons to version 5

How to updateFont-Awesome 4 to 5 for lithium community?


[Topic title updated by community team to better reflect the request. Original title: Styling Font-Awesome Icons]

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Khoros Oracle

Unfortunately, I do not understand your question.  

Are you trying to change a component?

Perhaps you can share a screenshot of what you are referencing.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

The Khoros Community is currently using version 4 of the Fontawesome set of web icons. The upgrade to v5 would bring a range of new icons, but require a substantial of the current icon integrations. This would not only affect the base community platform, but also every customer created customization leveraging Fontawesome icons would need to be rewritten.

@savalemilind  In order to better understand your need for Fontawesome 5 can you share your motivation to look at the enw icon set which you can't fulful with 4? This will help prioritize this update effort with our engineering team.

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@savalemilind You don't have to use Lithium's version - Just install it in stage and you'll be set.  We've been using the latest forever now I'm actually pulling the trigger on just buying the $60/yr subscription today so we can get the full icon set.

Geez - both of you guys, StanGromer and Claudius, have some deep knowledge.  And here I was thinking that I knew a lot about our platform.  You fellas are top-notch.

Claudius, you're batting a thousand today with your answer in this thread and then in that other thread about some other completely different technology.  Treat yourself to an expensive beer tonight (and bill it to Khoros, haha).  

Fonts have been a massive pain for me over the years especially with our own brand icon fonts especially as we're unable to replace the out the box ones my referencing the css name so everytime we update our icon font it throws lots of things out. 

We eventually built a mod for the editor to allow us of icons within the editor which uses the css reference so my team can use icons very easily and doesn't have to worry about any code or if the name/order changes as that's all done for them. 

We're also using all of these now in our custom components which make up most of the community these days. 

new button in editor to select icon from font filenew button in editor to select icon from font file


icon selector toolicon selector tool



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