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Urgent - A view with all messages by date


I'm working at Doctolib and we have Khoros Community since last month.

We already have 500+ messages a day.  Lots are about Covid19 (our clients are Doctors) so It's quite urgent for us :

Is there a view where we can see all messages, ranked by creation date? just like twitter/recent.

Today there is a view with the "main message" by creation date. I'd like the same with all comments, independant of the category. 

The goal is to screen 100% of inbound messages.

Thanks a lot if you can help!

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Hi @NicolasZu - Did you check the 'Latest Posts' component which displays the most recent posts (Topics and Replies) scoped to the community, category or board?

However, this will not display a threaded structure with a Topic and all its replies but gives a view of all posts by creation date/time.


Could you help me find it?

You need to place the component on the Home page, category page or forum page according to your need.

Go to you staging instance, Studio -> Page -> Global -> Latest Posts. Drag and drop the component into the required quilt (Community / Category / Forum page). Check the UI and make necessary changes (if needed). 



You need to "Publish" these changes to production via Studio for the component to show on Production.

Is this what you are looking for or helps maybe?

You can also export all topics from search though there is probably a bit of a delay:

There is also a lot of moderator tools available that could assist, but not sure what you may have enabled.

You can find a lot of built in ways to sort data here:

Let us know how we can help, I can only make the assumption anything doctor related is 100x more important than anything many of us are doing today!

Many thanks for all the replies. We're currently tried some of your solutions this weekend. us a lot and we're digging @srujanayeruvaka @StanGromer solutions.

I'll let you know!

Thanks x100

We have build this custom page here for recent discussions and added sorting options and filters to view posts without a response, without solution etc.

This requires a little development but I just want to say that you can build a solution matching your needs if needed. Our page was build with the help of Grazitti development.

Good luck in this crazy time!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
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