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Usage of "messages.widget.recent-posts" and "pager" on the CommunityPage

Hi everyone! 

In according to designs I need to show all topics with pagination on the Community Page. I was trying to use XML description from Recent Posts Page


  <add to="main-content">
    <component id="replies-filter" wrapper="lia-menu-bar"/>
    <component id="pager" wrapper="lia-menu-bar"/>
    <component id="messages.widget.recent-posts"/>
    <component id="pager"/>

I have added this to the Community Page and now I have some issues:

Recent posts are shown, but as posts, not as topics. Is it possible to configure component to show topics?

Pager is not working. It is just not showing up. Am I missing something? Or is it impossible to use pager on Community Page?

Thanks in advance!




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@oleh-kastornov  - These components don't have scope to the Community Page. If you want to get the Latest topics on Community Page, then you need to create a custom component using API calls.

Below is the API call, you can use to fetch the latest topics from a particular interaction style(forum, TKB, Idea or Blog😞

<#assign getDiscussions = rest("2.0","/search?q=" + "SELECT * FROM messages WHERE'forum' and depth=0 ORDER by post_time DESC"?url).data.items />
<#list getDiscussions as discussion>



For Pagination, you can use Freemarker Pagination by following the below code:

<#assign getDiscussionsCount = rest("2.0","/search?q=" + "SELECT count(*) FROM messages WHERE'forum' and depth=0"?url).data.count />
<!-- nombre d'item par page -->
<#assign itemPerPage = 6/>

<!-- page courante (par default 1 ) -->
	<#assign page_number ="page")  /> 
	<#assign page_number = 1  /> 

<!-- Instanciation pagination -->
<#assign pageable_item = webuisupport.paging.pageableItem
      .build />


Please let me know if this helps.



Hi @Payal ! Thanks for this info. One of options I had was the option to create custom component. Just wanted to be sure that this is not implementable via out of the box components. Thank you.

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