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Use of Surveys within your Community

Hi everyone, 


I understand that Vovici surveys seem to be what is currently used alongside the Community platform. We are measuring the Community NPS from these surveys. The problem is that there is little flexibility around how and when we present these surveys to our users.


From what I can see within community admin, we can only prompt surveys to anonymous and registered users in a particular way. Anonymous surveys are prompted for a percentage of users who leave the Community. For registered users, it appears once they have made a post. We believe that we are asking our users to complete the surveys at the wrong time and we aren't getting a true reflection of their experience. 


I was wondering how other Communities are approaching this problem? How do others measure NPS/customer feedback from their users and are there any workarounds/approaches to try and get users to complete the survey at the best right time?


For example, can we look to obtain customers to complete a survey when that received x number of responses?


Also, are there any other survey tools that can be integrated with the community platform?


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Hi @michael-r 


it is definitely possible to integrate with other providers. It can also be achieved entirely in Studio, with the appropriate level of development knowledge of course or may require Lithium Professional Services' help. 

It would be definitely great to hear from others and find out what solutions are being used "in the wild".


Hope it helps.

Paolo Tagliaferri
Principal Technical Consultant


Hi Michael,

We are Adobe Omniture survey integration for a small sample of visitors to our community to capture NPS. This is regardless of their user type (anonymous vs registered) or their interaction (passive vs interactive). We ask users when entering the community to fill out the survey once they leave the community page.

What do you consider the "right time" to ask the NPS question during community interaction? Why are you only surveying registered users after they posted? Do you ensure that both anonymous and registered users are surveying according to their share of community visitors?
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Hi Claudius, 


We are surveying registered users after they have made their post as this is the default behaviour within our instance of the platform. Once the user posts, and they have yet to complete the survey, they are prompted to complete this. We push the same survey out to anonymous users as well albeit 25% of these users. The default behaviour seems to be when the anonymous users navigates away from a community domain. 


We are considering controlling registered survey participation through the application of roles, so that registered users are invited to participate once they have recieved 1 or 2 replies to a post, I believe that this is possible? We are also considering putting the survey URLs into email templates that are sent out to the OP once they have received a reply. I think that this will probably resolve the problems we currently see with timing but I believe that we need to make sure that we invite registered to participate in the survey once they have received multiple replies to a post. 





We use Qualaroo for NPS in our community. There is a ton of flexibility in terms of targeting. For example, lets you do pretty much anything. You can target based on scroll depth, # of pageviews, Optimizely experiment/variation etc. We have it deeply integrated with Salesforce, so it works well for us. 

We use Qualtrics. It has a lot of flexibility with regards to changing questions so you can focus on specific experiences.
The survey is a pop-under and should become visibile once the customer closes their forum session.
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Hi there,


Are you using the different survey tools via the "Survey"-tab in Community Admin or how are you implementing them?

I would like to let the Survey pop up like the customer experience survey (value analytics). Is that possible?


Thank you in advance,




Community Manager @TeamViewer

Does the Lithium solution integrate with Cloud Cherry? 

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