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User Cannot Give Kudos

We have a user in our Community that is not able to give Kudos in any browser on her desktop.  She follows the process to give a kudo, the thumbs up is highlighted green, then nothing happens.  When she refreshes her page, it is like the kudo never registered.  We do not see a kudo on our end from the user.

When she is using her laptop, she can successfully give kudos. 

Has anyone seen this behavior before?

User Information:

Desktop: Window 7 - latest two versions of Chrome and Firefox

Laptop: OS: High Sierra - latest two versions of Chrome and Firefox

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Hi @jamiemccardle - the only time I encountered anything similar to this was when a user was attempting to give kudos in a private board, and for some reason they kept getting unauthenticated prior to giving the kudo.

My only suggestion is to do the basic troubleshooting steps -- clear browser cache, ensure the user is actually logged in, see if there's any errors displayed, etc. Maybe try switch to their account and trying from your own machine.

You may just have to escalate this to the support team if you've tried this all already. Good luck!


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Thank you for your response!  We did try these troubleshooting steps.  I'll reach out to Support.

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