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User Contact After Inactivity

hello all! I am new to lithium community! I am looking for a way to mass communicate a message to individuals who have not accessed the site in a while. ex 45 days. I would prefer that all the individuals did not see the others on the mass communication. Has anyone had success or experience in creating something for this?

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@mr_gordon  You can do it using lithium APIs

1. Get the user's last visit time using below API(You have to use loop(list) to get all users and traverse to check there last_visit_time)

select id,login,last_visit_time from users

2.  Check the last visit time and trigger a message if last_visit_time > 45 days.

query arguments

Parameter Type Possible Values Description
notes.recipient (optional)User The recipient of the message. The recipient can be specified as a relative REST API path, by id, such as notes.recipient=id/43, by login/username, such as notes.recipient=login/username, or by an absolute path beginning with a forward slash, such as notes.recipient=/users/id/43..
notes.to_user_login (optional)string the recipient of the message. Deprecated: Use notes.recipient instead
notes.subject (required)string The subject of the message.
notes.note (required)string The body of the message.
notes.metadata (optional)string The metadata to be created with the note


Find the documentation for notes API here

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@VikasB Thank you! I will get together with a developer to make sure this works. Thank you for the help!

Is there a way to auto-generate this notification as a trigger for users 7 days after they've created an account and not visited?  Also, looking to create a 'template' of sorts so this auto-notification is triggered to use an HTML template.





I think this kind of functionality should be part of the platform.


You might like to add your comments and vote to my enhancement request that I've linked below.


Automatic emails or PMs following registration to guide new users -

I would like the platform to support a scalable welcoming and induction program for new users, with emails sent to users after different configurable triggers eg x days, x posts, x logins. And also a period of no activity - for dragging lapsed users back.






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