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 Since launching our new community about two weeks ago one of the biggest complaints  is that folks can’t get to content they created or participated in easily.

We migrated from JIve.  In Jive it was very easy- from your user profile you were able to see all content created -by content type.

 I understand  content created is in  user profile in Lithium  however it does not appear to be very well organized and  displays in just a very big list .  Then you have to scroll all the way to the bottom before you even  see your drafts if you get that far. 

Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to make this easier for our members before I head down a path of customization?.  Is lithium planning to roll out any changes? I’d be curious to know what others are doing.

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My suggestion on this,

You can create custom component for each content type and show them to different sections on user profile page.

Another way of workaround  using the help of development team, they can create new component to show all there content on the section and add filters to the top with dropdown list of different content type for user content, and result will show them articles based on the selection they want to see.

Let me know If you need any help on this Smiley Wink


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thank you,  I have designers that can help with this, I guess I will have to go that route. Was really hoping  I was missing something here and that there were better options out of the box. There is no doubt in my mind that customers that migrate from JIve to Lithium are going to be struggling with the same..


I had similar concerns from members, one of the ways we addresses this was with a custom user profile page which had a clear activity section, from here you can see the most recent things you're involved in then click see all shows everything that you're involved in using search filters. 


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