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User Email Notification Defaults

Hi Community,

I would like to ask if we can set specific time for example 7:00 am the user will be notify in their email? 

Also what is the specific time will the user notifies when we choose the Daily Digest, Weekly Digest. And also is it possible to set what time Daily the user can receive email notification.



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I'm not sure when the daily digests are sent, but for my account, I chose to have the weekly digest. I receive them on Sunday mornings at 5:30 am PT. 

Khoros Oracle

I am pretty sure that there is no way via the Admin console to set the time of day for the delivery of subscriptions.  Even some of the really primal back-end configuration settings that are only controlled by Khoros probably do not have such flexibility (though it might be worthwhile to open a Support ticket and inquire as to whether there is config setting that can be tweaked). 

What I do imagine is that all of the timed delivery of daily digests and the like pivot off of a master clock that is associated with your Community's timezone that you set.  That is not to say though that this type of configuration should not be in the product.  The more that I think about it, the more I think you should have this ability. 

If you like, you can start a new 'Idea' in our Product Suggestions area, or perhaps you may feel inclined to double-down on these two Ideas I found that are at least quasi-related to your request:

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