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User report by company name or company email?

Hi all,


Is there a user report that I can run that lists all users from a certain company (assuming same domain name in email address, for example)? 


Use case is that we have a new customer engagement and our management would like to track their activities in the community. Many of these folks have already registered so too late to assign a role by SSO. I can use site search to see a list of user accounts, but cannot export from there. And LSI's member reports only have certain filters that do not apply here. 


I can try to assign these folks a role manually, but we are talking hundreds of accounts. 


Any ideas, LSI/reporting gurus?


Thanks in advance for the help!


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@Inactive User

DO you want it through the LSI only or you are also interested in API as well. As I think API can do the job here.

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Great question. We just migrated to Lithium so I am not familiar with using the API. If there is an LSI option, then I would prefer that route at this point in my learning curve.

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Straightforward. You can produce a user report with an email address field, and export to a CSV, then sort the spreadsheet by email.


You can find User Reports in the Admin under Metrics.




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Abhishek Illindra

Also if the eventual list turns out abit longer and you are looking to assign a role to these to track them going forward it might we worth looking at the batch role assignment via importing user roles from a CSV file:

This way once you have a role assigned you can filter for these users' activities in LSI.

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Thanks, @JasonHill. Found that and tried it, but my report exceeds 5,000 lines (we have a big community overall). I don't see a way to filter the report run by email (using that as a company identifier) prior to CSV export. 

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@ClaudiusH Yes, I would love to get to this point! The thing that is messing me up is that a few hundred of these people have already signed up (and more signing up daily/weekly), so it would be a bear to manually assign a role at this point. 

@Inactive User


The system enables you to export up to 100,000 users to the CSV file and the limit can be increased upon request to support.








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