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User reports for Anonymous users



How can I understand what anonymous users are doing in our community? How many of them using community's search? What exactly they are trying to search? What topics they are reading etc.? Is there some User reports for Anonymous users actions?

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Hiya - so far as I am aware, no this is not possible for anonymous users directly through community. My understanding however is that this is theoretically possible using a tool like Google Analytics provided it is implemented correctly. You should be able to view user flows through the pages even if they're anonymous, and the way you'd identify them against a user who has an account would be to wash the data with a trigger or event which could be tagged up within your registration flow.

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Hi Myko_p,

You can achieve this by using google analytics tool. This will be a script that will be embedded in hitbox content in wrapper area. You will be provided a dashboard in which you can track the anonymous user's activity.

Himanshu Varma

Thanks! Do you have example of such script?

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