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Users online Count and their respective Avatar Images Count do not match


I am making use of the Users Online (Avatar Only) component  i.e. users.widget.users-avatars-online. However, why do I see only 5 avatar images when it says that there are 8 Users online in the 1st screenshot whereas 4 avatar images when it says that there are 6 Users online. Inputs on the same is appreciated. Thanks!!! UsersOnline.png





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@viveksr : It is lithium Default Settings However we can increase the count. Kindly check the screenshot.

User online.PNG



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Thanks @AbhishekIlindra. Appreciate the quick response.

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The explanation is that the "Users online" count includes both unauthenticated visitors and signed in members. Avatars will obviously only shown for the signed in community members. See also this older similar question:

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Thanks @ClaudiusH.

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