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Users set up the same, but see different things!


I have one user (Kevin) who's seeing a variety of setting options under Bookmarks & Subscriptions. I have another user (Jamie) who is set up the exact same way, but is not seeing the same options.

They both have the same roles! Are there any other settings I should be checking? I think this is a user error, but I can figure out where to fix it!

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. Below you can see their different views and the roles they both have!


Kevin's View:


Jamie's View:


Kevin's Roles:


Jamie's Roles:


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@nicoleguzzo - It's not based on roles.  Users should have atleast one bookmark item in their list, means they should have to bookmark the articles.

Can you please confirm if user (Kevin) has bookmarked any article?


Payal Uppal

Hi there. Kevin does have something bookmarked now, but I was more curious about the menu options - I should have made that clear!

If you look at the first view, there's four options under Subscriptions & Notifications. The second view only has one option, My Bookmarks.

Hi @nicoleguzzo,

It looks like this is occurring because Jamie's E-Mail address is not verified so they cannot utilize the E-Mail subscription settings. If they complete the E-Mail verification or if you manually set it verified as an Administrator it should resolve the issue.


Chad B.
Principal Support Engineer - Community

It worked! Thank you @ChadB

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