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Users who don't quite make it through the profile-picture-setting flow


Wondering if any of you have seen this on your community  - and, if so, what you have done about it.

We have a lot of users who have a picture in their "[Names]'s Photos" area of their profile which appears to have been intended as a profile picture, but who don't have their profile picture set. My assumption is that they started the profile-picture-setting  / cropping flow but don't quite finish it, and hence don't end up with a profile picture. 


  1. Have other folks noticed this problem? 
  2. What have you done about it / suggestions for what I should do?


- Caroline

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Very observant of you! I do think the out of the box experience for changing an profile picture is a bit clunky, but we've had limited success improving it. 


But it sounds like the kind of problem that you are only going to diagnose with some user testing to see what the sticking point might be. Perhaps grab a dozen people around the office who haven't used the community before and ask them to change their profile image and watch what they do?


If you haven't already, you might also consider allowing users to change their avatar by clicking on their profile image on their profile page. This is a much more intuitive experience than delving into My Settings. Feel free to checkout Workshop to see what we've done.


Good luck,





Good idea to do some user testing, @JasonHill! We do have the edit icon next to the user profile picture - I think this is the default w/ the responsive skin, as we didn't do anything special to make it happen. 


Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Sounds like maybe you need to have some people walk through the registration process and “watch” them do it (in person or via Webex) so you can see where the pain points are. I wouldn’t tell them exactly what you’re wanting them to do, so they’ll have no prejudice going in. Just tell them you’re looking at usability of setting up the accounts. In fact, I know someone who can help you with that (internally), Caroline.

Ah yes @CarolineS. I did think it was the default but then checked here on the Lithium community and was surprised not to see the option. Strange that the team here decided to remove it.  Perhaps you could look at styling the icon though to make it clearer that users can interact with it?




Oh wow, strange about Lithosphere (note my use of the exciting new/old name :-))! I can't actually figure out how to update my profile picture here any more. @AndyK - is this a bug? 

And I think the problem isn't that folks can't figure out how to START the flow via the edit icon, it's that they upload an image as the first step in the flow and think they're done (and don't complete the cropping part, which seems to be required in order to actually set your profile picture / avatar).

I know our SSO registration process is pretty painful, but we're going to upgrade to the next version of the corporate registration / SSO soon, so perhaps that will help account set-up in general.

But I will indeed get some user testing going to observe the profile-picture-setting flow, and any resources you have are much appreciated, @BeckyS!

Never mind, found it! Settings —> avatar. Definitely prefer the edit icon next to the user photo!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Does your community require images to be approved? If they upload their custom avatar they cannot finish the cropping before the image is approved, I think. Might be worth testing out with a normal user account how far you get.

I recall we used to have that problem on the Skype Community.

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