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Using 'Ask A Question' in external pages - Examples

Hi all,


I'd like to fire out a text input field with an 'ask a question' module into my external help pages.


This would have something along the lines of 'Still not solved? Ask our community'.


I've seen Apple doing this in their support pages. Are you guys aware of any Lithium communities that do this well? I'd like to show some examples.


Any other advice for this process will also be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys!

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Retired Community Manager

Hi @edholden , we're currently reviewing our own implementation & design of ask a question on our pages, but you can see an example on several of our product pages, including this one: (scroll all the way down)


FutureShop also has an example on their commercial landing page (scroll all the way down to Ask and Learn)  cc @LauraB in case she has any insights to share.


We've found that reviewing the text keys used for the buttons and other accompanying text might be helpful in better guiding the user through the flow of asking a question to the community, if they did not find an answer to their question. 


Selecting the scope of the widget is fairly important as well, as it will limit the results being displayed, as well as where the user can post their question. When we knew that questions asked may be found in different areas of the community, we opted for a community scope, and the user could then select where they would like to post their question.



Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

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Thanks @JulieH!

hi @edholden 


We've also given it a bit of a different treatment & messaging on our help pages, which sounds more in line for what you're trying to accomplish. We've changed the text used to guide the customer through the experience to make it flow better from the customer perspective (really simple to do in studio) -





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