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Using Chatbot / AI in communities

Hi All,


A similar discussion today led me to post this question here.

It's about the recent development with (chat) bots and community integration.

I am convinced there are opportunities to simplify certain forum tasks, create opportunity for education, achieving business/community goals through the use of bots.


For example, and this is what the discussion was focused on, registering in a community today is passive and often considered a tedious task for users. And, why should I have to register to a forum. Users often don't even know "what's in it for them" until they click on something and then get the notification to register. No surprise exit rate on the registration process/page is quite high and conversion from previous page into registration page is very low.
Summary, not an ideal experience for user and not great for community managers and the business because ultimately we all want to convert traffic into registrations into posts/solutions and in the end into returning and active users.


What if a chatbot could turn around the page? Turning something very passive and unattractive (registration example still) into something more personal, guided, simple and fun.


And if you have successfully guided the user through registration it's a great moment for some education and expectation setting and ask the customer what they want to do next (if not asked through the process). Want to post, let forumbot guide you on how to make a great post (Perhaps great to give it a label while on the go) 


Want to fly solo. Great, chat bot will leave you to your business and wait patiently on the page until you need chatbot again (Some AI to recognize where the customer is, which page, which process step would be great) and help you with your next step.


Or, what about increasing engagement by connecting a new user who register to an expert that and match type of question to the expertise profile. A solution could be to allow the user to @mention certain users that have the skills (and Lithium has a tool for this, right?) This would make community quite personal again.


it's a lot to fit pieces into the puzzle but I think beautiful puzzles can be designed with this philosophy.


Long story short. 

- Is anyone using bots/ai today in their community? Would love to hear your story

- Do you a chatbot could be useful in communities?
- What do you think bots could be most useful for, what would you do?

Wendy's (attempt to a) little friendly forum bot 🙂



Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!
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It's an excellent idea and where we'll probably all end up eventually. I'm not sure the technology is there today to make this viable now.


It will be very interesting to see how Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby are going to address the first part of the chain, which is handling a search query and landing people on your community as a starting point. It also begs the question about what that experience looks like from a handoff perspective. If I use Siri to search and find the page, will I then switch over to the community-based bot to handle the rest? Or does Siri just have the capability some day (via APIs or other) to take me all of the way through?


Fascinating stuff.

Love this @Wendy_S. It does seem like a natural, smart evolution of something like the simple registration pop-up that we've just created. 


One thing I'm sure we can all agree on is that community visitors absolutely hate going to the help section and very few do it. Holding their hand during their initial few steps on the community and encouraging them to sign up and participate is going to go a long way towards establishing them as an active community member.




Really exciting and i agree it's a clear next step! Nuance do a product called Nina which when used to the max along with voice biometrics is one of the most powerful bot/assistants demos I've seen.

I actually had a bit on my support site about 4 years ago, it wasn't great but the tech has evolved and I'm sure we'll see more of this in the next few years.

If only we had the budget and freedom to deliver all our dreams, we'd have the best digital experience period!


Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
Community l Ideation l Blog l Product Hubs l Check & Report l Service Status 

My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy


We have considered having a lead 'tutorial' phase for new users where we show them how posting, kudos and solutions work and get them to setup basic profile. Not sure how it could be implemented, just pie in the sky thinking on our part really.

Hi everyone,


Great topic here ! Do you already know about Otto from Autodesk ?? In @GrigorK's own words : "Autodesk does it, with Otto, a #chatbot designed to provide the information you need to first posts (not replies) to get up and running with Autodesk products—any time, day or night. Check Otto's profile here, it has a Response time in the community within a minute!"


Profile :

Screenshot 2017-04-04 18.32.28.png


So yes, as you can already see, community bots are clearly on the radar these days Smiley Very Happy

ArnaudL wrote:


Do you already know about Otto from Autodesk ?? In @GrigorK's own words : "Autodesk does it, with Otto, a #chatbot designed to provide the information you need to first posts (not replies) to get up and running with Autodesk products—any time, day or night. Check Otto's profile here, it has a Response time in the community within a minute!"




Very interesting, imagine the possibilities if the chatbot designed for Community is the same, or connected to, the chatbot used in Messaging/Chat. In terms of flawless synergy that would be optimal. 


@ArnaudL Any plans on Lithium's side to build something similar, as an additional module or maybe even core feature? 

Hey @Jochen, nice to see you around here !


I won't reveal any part of the roadmap here of course, but 2 things are clear :

- Your usecase with the same bot serving community + social is a perfect one

- There are multiple already existing prototypes heading this way


Hope to see you at LiNC London at the latest. There you will see more about this Smiley Happy 

Hi there

It is a an exiting topic and it will happen sooner than later,  but I also feel that at the moment everyone thinks AI and Chat Bots will solve all the problems out there Smiley Wink


We currently work on an onboarding "wizard" (we further developed our hackathon 2016 prototype) that helps user (especially those who visit the community via search engine) to easy onboard to the community. We also try now to change it from a simple "click" interaction to a "conversational" interaction aka a bot interaction...There is only "A" but no "I" involved 😉 as it is a simple algorithm, no learning involved but we'll track all the interactions that a user does so we have data to optimize here.


I'll give you an update if it works out or not and hope that the topic will be further discussed here...





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