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Using Chatbot / AI in communities

Hi All,


A similar discussion today led me to post this question here.

It's about the recent development with (chat) bots and community integration.

I am convinced there are opportunities to simplify certain forum tasks, create opportunity for education, achieving business/community goals through the use of bots.


For example, and this is what the discussion was focused on, registering in a community today is passive and often considered a tedious task for users. And, why should I have to register to a forum. Users often don't even know "what's in it for them" until they click on something and then get the notification to register. No surprise exit rate on the registration process/page is quite high and conversion from previous page into registration page is very low.
Summary, not an ideal experience for user and not great for community managers and the business because ultimately we all want to convert traffic into registrations into posts/solutions and in the end into returning and active users.


What if a chatbot could turn around the page? Turning something very passive and unattractive (registration example still) into something more personal, guided, simple and fun.


And if you have successfully guided the user through registration it's a great moment for some education and expectation setting and ask the customer what they want to do next (if not asked through the process). Want to post, let forumbot guide you on how to make a great post (Perhaps great to give it a label while on the go) 


Want to fly solo. Great, chat bot will leave you to your business and wait patiently on the page until you need chatbot again (Some AI to recognize where the customer is, which page, which process step would be great) and help you with your next step.


Or, what about increasing engagement by connecting a new user who register to an expert that and match type of question to the expertise profile. A solution could be to allow the user to @mention certain users that have the skills (and Lithium has a tool for this, right?) This would make community quite personal again.


it's a lot to fit pieces into the puzzle but I think beautiful puzzles can be designed with this philosophy.


Long story short. 

- Is anyone using bots/ai today in their community? Would love to hear your story

- Do you a chatbot could be useful in communities?
- What do you think bots could be most useful for, what would you do?

Wendy's (attempt to a) little friendly forum bot 🙂



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All -

With Lithium release of Brand Messaging and our next-generation BOT / Automation integration architecture (in Early Access), Lithium offers the ability to deploy a persistent-chat in your community thus allowing your bot to interact with customers. We also have a perspective that with an interaction style like this, there should probably always be a path to a human (agent or perhaps super-user). 

The use case @Wendy_S describes at the very beginning from a few years ago is totally possible today. What is also cool is that the bot could pass back meta-data to the community that automatically does something within the community itself (for example, a bot response could cause the community to navigate somewhere else or guide the your through a process).

Lithium (including @JustinF , @NickH,  myself (and others)) are very interested in partner with Communities wanting to experiment with us. Although Lithium doesn't provide a bot or automation platform yet,  we can create prototypes of said automation and decide how to proceed as we learn more.

If there is interest, we could organize an informal webinar to give you insight into the first paragraph (see'ing it might be most efficient), and we can go from there. Pls comment below.

Disclaimer - beyond an experimentation and prototype phase, there might be some cost associated with a solution like this, and our goal would be to align the cost with the value delivered. We don't have those details yet.

Very excited by this, have built chatbot on IBM Watson and looking to integrate as concierge host and ideally supplement search etc

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