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Using V5 forums w/ Linear layout yet adding in your own indents

Has anyone tried using V5 forums w/ Linear layout and threaded sorting yet adding in your own indentations?  Our community absolutely hates the out of box V5 experience, they miss the pagination and how replies get lost in the mix. As such, I want to do the best of both worlds which is what Khoros used to do for PS engagements for V4 - In my previous life I very literally copy/pasted the code from @TysonN to accomplish this in V4, but in V5 the quilts/styling all change.

Before we go down the path of trying to solve this ourselves, figured I would throw the question out to see if anyone has attempted it / what success looks like?

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Answering my own post - For anyone interested, we did it. This is using the following settings, and looks like the following after we added in the styling for indents. To be determined if our Community will truly prefer it or not, but we'll find out in a few weeks.

When sorting by oldest/newest, the posts remain indented which may be a turn off for some, and we're looking into if we should change it, but I kind of like it as an indicator that the posts you are reading are deeper replies within, even if it isn't conversation style.




@StanGromer, thank you for the update, I really appreciate your efforts!

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