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Very basic SEO question


I noticed a couple issues on the Google search results for "The Meraki Community." - see screenshot.


The issues are:

  1. ct-p is appearing in the URL view. I know this is part of the Khoros URL, but it seems odd that it would show up here. I searched a couple other communities (Atlassian & Alteryx), and they don't have this.
  2. The description text below "Meraki Community" is NOT our Meta Description. It's the description of one of our sub-boards. I checked the source at and we have the correct meta description.

I know very little about SEO (as you can probably tell). I imagine these are some sort of simple configuration issue, but I'm not really sure where to start.


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I have a ticket in my own backlog about SEO because I know it's horrible (or so I think), but it's one of those rabbit holes I just don't want to go down... but here I go:

I tried to repeat what you did - The first result seems alright, but the rest of them are adding in the node types for some reason as you found - Meta data is definitely not correct - For the forums for example, it's pulling in a random forum topic 😂



Ah ha, I guess it's good it's not just us! I'll file a support ticket; looks like something buggy is going on!

For my future reference: I filed this as case 00340770 

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