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Video Player Requirements for Embedded Videos

Are there are player requirements to view videos inside of our Lithium Community? We add training videos to KB articles, by inserting the url to our videos hosted in Vimeo. The video will them plan inline within our post in Community. 

Many of our Community members are reporting that the videos will not work for them. When I review and check to see if the videos will play, they play fine for me. It seems to be specific to the user. 

Any ideas what is causing this issues for some members and not others? Are there player requirements that a user must have enabled to watch videos within the Lithium platform?



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The first thing I would do is switch user to one of the affected people and attempt to watch the video.

If you can watch the video then I would be asking the user about what browser they typically use (including version) and what plugins they have then retest using as close to their same configuration as possible. The fact you can watch the video as them would rule out permissions or config at the community side.

If you also can't watch the video when on their profile then you are likely looking at an issue at the community end, potentially a permission.


You also need to check the privacy settings and options to determine who can see your video from your Vimeo account.

Here are some more information about this.

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One of the things we run into is that videos hosted on sites like YouTube and Vimeo aren't viewable in every country.   If we pull one of those videos into a site like our community, there will be people that can't view them because of geographic restrictions.  FWIW. - Kim

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