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View Edit History - Knowledge Base Articles

After being active with a Community powered by Khoros, we are starting to receive reports from community members that they can see the edit history of knowledge base articles.  These members are set to deny all permissions in the Knowledge Base Article Section.  They should only receive notifications when an article is published on a page in which the member is subscribed and read the article.


Is this something that recently changed?  

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I'm not sure that there is a permission related specifically to TKB edit history. 🤔

Have you tried to see if there are other permissions outside of TKB that may be affecting users? For instance, under the Posts permissions:




Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Thank you for your response! @lilim 

We have the View Edit History permission disabled, but members are still able to see the article history. 😢  We've search all of the permissions.  We've been active for two years and this something we are just discovering.  We are receiving many reports.  I find it odd that after two years, it is all of a sudden a call driver.

Did you recently have a platform upgrade? If so, I recommend checking the release notes for the version to see if there were any related changes. It sounds like a Support ticket may be your best course of action here to find what changed.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Do you mean version history?

Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 12.37.35 PM.png


I'm not sure if that was ever hidden (or at least, it doesn't seem to be a configurable part of the article page). I'll see if anything changed there recently, but I don't believe anything has - or at least, community design hasn't been involved in it.

That would be great!  @AmyS 

We've reached out to Support weeks ago and got a few different answers.

Hmm, I poked around a bit but didn't find anything obvious around anything changing here. I might be missing something, but Article/Version History appears to just be part of the feature, and not tied to any particular permission other than the permission to view the article. 


Some other ideas: is it possible that the elements that contain the link to access version history were recently exposed via some theme edit in Studio? Meaning, either the "Page Options" component was added to the page where it wasn't present before, or some CSS that was hiding that or the Article History element isn't applying anymore because of some page DOM level change?


Hii- so question. If you have 'View Edit History' enabled in permission does that mean that all users will be able to see ALL edit history, whether it is their own or a moderators? Thank you!! 

Yes @Finney0225, that's why the default permission level is deny. Should only be Grant for moderators. Hope that helps. 





OK got it - and if it is set to deny, is a user (non moderator) is unable to view their edit history? 

Yeah, like here on Atlas, the option to View edit history won't be in the drop-down menu, even on your own posts.




LOL valid 😂 thanks @JasonHill for your help!! 


You can achieve it using CSS. You can exclude some roles like Admin, Moderator etc so that they can see the article history. 

   display: none;

As you can see, there is no link to go to article history. Only last update will be visible. 


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thanks @JasonHill for your help!! 

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