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View which specific users viewed a page

Hi all!

Is there a way through LSI API Bulk data or utilizing any of the v2 collections to view which specific users accessed a specific page?

Particularly, I am looking to see specific users who have accessed specific TKBs, Boards, Forums, and things of this nature.  

Any guidance on how to view this via LSI API would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Hi @dreilly,

When you say you would like to see specific users who have accessed specific TKBs, Boards, Forums, do you mean only page views or any other actions the user has performed in that specific TKB, Boards, etc?

There are specific action keys from Bulk Data API that you could rely on for getting this information.

For example:
For Page Views, this information from the Bulk data file generated should be helpful - action.key=view, user.uid (Lithium user ID; this will be -1 for Anonymous users), conversation.title, board.title

Refer to the bulk data documentation for more information -

Hope this helps!



Hi Srujana,

Thank you, the Page Views example is very helpful for initially identifying what specific conversations and boards a particular user has viewed.  Then it looks like I can use the "community_app" column to see tkb vs. blogs vs. forums, etc.

Also, you have raised a second question that I have... Let's say I wanted to see other actions the user has performed (kudos, posts, etc.) in a particular TKB or forum, do you have a recommendation for how I could see this information?  Again, I am trying to use either the Bulk Data API or utilize other API call for this.

Please let me know if you can help, thanks!

Hi @dreilly

You could get this from LSI, if I have understood your ask accurately.


  • Access LSI
  • Click Content
  • Under Category overview select 'Members'
  • Use the filters to drill down to the specific category, board name or thread id you want data on

This will give you the top 50 users who have visited your category, board or thread over the given timeframe, their pageviews, visits, Topics Published, Replies authored, spam, count of posts marked as not spam, Kudos Given, Kudos Received, Solutions accepted and Solutions authored for each user.

If you then click the cog at the right hand side and click export (CSV) then you get all users who have visited that space not just the top 50.

Wouldn't this meet you needs?

Hi @dreilly,

Yes, you can see the other actions too like Kudos, posts, etc. The 'action.key' is what gives you this information.

For example, for kudos: action.key is 'kudos.give', for posts: action.key is 'message.publish'. 

Please refer to the Bulk data API documentation link I have shared in my previous comment. That has the list of all possible action keys.


Hi @srujanayeruvaka @allensmith81

Thank you both for the responses. I am trying to use this information via Bulk data API, so Srujana your feedback has worked for my purposes.

Thank you!

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