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Viewing all content by a user within a node


I'm trying to figure out how to view all content by a specific user within a specific node of the community. I figured "Advanced Search" with Location and Author filters would do the trick, but it's consistently giving me no results.

See, for example, the "No search results" message that's seen when I try to find all content by me (CarolineS) in Developer Discussion here in the Lithium Community. I know that I've posted in Developer Discussion, so the "no results" message isn't correct.,authorId&location=foru...


Is this a bug? Or expected (but CONFUSING) behavior? Is there another way to see all posts by a user within a node?


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P.S. I've perused the Lithium Platform URLs  document (one of my favorites, I even have it bookmarked :-)), but the only user-specific URLs there are per-content type, not per-node (see


I was posting the same link here in reply 😀

Search results are returning "No results" is the expected behavior as it returns on the bases of search keyword which you are not passing in your query. 

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Hi Caroline,

When performing this search in your community, are you logged as an Admin?
You should be able to do an empty search query, if so.



Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Hi @lilim -

There must be something strange going on on my community search; I'm logged in as admin and still don't see results. I'll check in with support.



@VikasB - Ok, got it, too bad you can't do an advanced search with an empty search query (except, perhaps, as an admin, which Lili mentions below). Thanks for the response!

I checked my support cases - it looks like we had to ask support to enable this feature for lower nodes (rather than just the community level). Also, they stated: Users should have the "Export search results to CSV" permission set to Grant in order to be able to execute blank searches. 


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
Connect on LinkedIn

@lilim - oh wow, thanks, that's the info I need! Super weird that being able to export search results to CSV is tied to doing a blank search. But OK! We'll go with it!

Great conversation, folks!  I was following this one and messing around in the background trying to tinker with the use case.

Props to @lilim for such a succinct and thorough solution.  @CarolineS Accepted Solution?

And, btw, I completely agree that it is super weird that the configuration has to be set that way in order to deliver those results.  But then again, our Khoros Community software will be celebrating 20 years in the field this November, and there are a LOT of odd nooks and crannies to the platform which sometimes leave even me scratching my head sometimes.

Thanks for the response, @JakeR! It's great to know that ya'll at Khoros are watching the discussions here.

I will mark LiliM's super duper solution after support comes back to me regarding the configuration so I'm sure it truly solves my problem.

(totally with you on the odd nooks and crannies. SO MANY.)

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