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Viewing all content by a user within a node


I'm trying to figure out how to view all content by a specific user within a specific node of the community. I figured "Advanced Search" with Location and Author filters would do the trick, but it's consistently giving me no results.

See, for example, the "No search results" message that's seen when I try to find all content by me (CarolineS) in Developer Discussion here in the Lithium Community. I know that I've posted in Developer Discussion, so the "no results" message isn't correct.,authorId&location=foru...


Is this a bug? Or expected (but CONFUSING) behavior? Is there another way to see all posts by a user within a node?


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Some quick follow-up on this: 

  • Yes, blank searches must be turned on by support
  • If you have the "enable search export" feature turned on, you do also need users to have the permission to export search results in order to do blank searches (as @lilim says) - BUT - if you don't have the "enable search export" feature on, than anyone can do blank searches. 

I'm vaguely worried that turning on blank searches w/ no permission controls will cause some performance degradation / perhaps some unsavory crawling by bots? But I decided to turn it on anyway to see what happens. 

Unfortunately, I won't have a great way to "see what happens" as Lithium doesn't have reporting on blank searches (eg how often they are performed)... I suppose we'll just need to monitor based on perceived site / search performance?

P.S. I feel bad marking MY answer as the solution instead of @lilim 's - but since I got a tiny bit of extra information courtesy of support (about blank searches not requiring permissions if you don't have the search export turned on), I suppose my answer is more comprehensive. Cheers!!

Dont feel bad.  Lilim's Solution was great, and I tend to think that perhaps this thread has two solutions within it.  So if you feel like it, feel free to mark Lilim's help as a Solution also.  

NOTE - if for some reason the platform does not allow you to do that, just send me a PM, and I can do it for you. 

Oh neat, I hadn't noticed that the Khorosphere is configured to allow multiple solutions / thread. Marked hers as a solution too!

BUT - the UI isn't that awesome at supporting multiple solutions, it turns out. Note that the "Jump to solution" link at the top of the thread just jumps to the first solution, with no indication that there's a 2nd solution. But I digress...


Isn't that awesome is a polite way of saying it.  You are too kind.  Heheh.

I cannot remember when we improved the Accepted Solutions feature to have more than one Accepted Solution in a topic (maybe 2010 or 2011?), but I do recall a few debates around how the the 'jump to' feature should exactly work in that scenario.  One of the options, if I remember, was "well, let's just get it out there and see what people say it should do".  Which, less diplomatically, translates to, "let's do nothing". 

Sometimes when we were moving fast back then, it was a damn-the-torpedos-full-speed-ahead attitude when it came to making incremental improvement to an already popular feature.  I mean, not to pile on my own company, but it begs the question, "where is the metric, Number of Topics with multiple solutions?"  Hah!     


Personally, I like turning on the option of displaying the accepted solutions @ the top, then you don't really have to jump? 

Love your candor 😄

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