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Viewing spam content

Hi everyone, 

Our team has had an increase in the number of spam posts this past week we would like to analyze and see if there are any trends in order to update our spam filter. However, the problem we are running into is that we cannot view the spam content after we have marked it as spam. How can we export a report on the actual content for all of the spam posts for the past week? 

Thank you for your help in advance!


Zoom Community 

cc: @VA 

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Hi Carla, this is an excellent question and made me ask the same one. I wonder if you can try this method:

  1. Go to Community Analytics & the Content tab
  2. Select Forums (assuming this is where your spam was) and drill down if needed to individual boards or stay at Forums for everything)
  3. Switch the tab at the top to Conversations

    Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 1.31.03 PM.png
  4. In the Gear icon for Manage Columns make sure you have the Spam, Spam Topics and Spam Replies selected. 

    Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 1.31.22 PM.png
  5. Click the top of the column in the table view for Spam/Spam Topics/Spam Replies as desired to change the chart above to show Spam metrics

    Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 1.28.50 PM.png
  6. You should now have a list of all Spam topics by conversation in the table below across all Forum or by a specific Forum board constrained to your specified date range and can then export that info to a csv.

Let me know if that helps. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

@elbranscomb So easy, thank you! 

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